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RBXMiner is a program that mines cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with your PC. You automatically earn Robux as a reward for running it. RBXMiner runs completely by itself, so you can go AFK while it earns free Robux for you!

Is it a scam?

No, RBXMiner is not a scam. We earn cryptocurrency when you run our program and we pay you Robux in return. This means both of us benefit. The more active users we have, the more profitable we become, so of course we are legit.

How much free Robux can I earn?

If you have a high-end PC you can earn up to 1,000 Robux per day. That's 30,000 free Robux per month! If you have a really low-end PC with the minimum requirements you will probably earn 10 Robux or less per day. But don't worry, if you're patient and you run RBXMiner every day, that could still add up to 300 Robux per month for free!

Why not mine crypto myself and then buy Robux?

You will actually earn more Robux when you run RBXMiner instead of mining crypto yourself and then buying it. This is due to a few reasons:
1. You can get setup with our program much faster and easier.
2. You can cash out smaller amounts and receive Robux directly. This means there's no exchange fees, taxes, high minimum requirements, waiting time, etc.
3. We buy Robux in bulk at a cheaper price from game developers looking to cash out. This makes it possible for us to give you even more Robux.

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